Sunday, September 27, 2009


I am writing this complaint to warn as much citizens as I can, Torrenza will make many promises, and you will find that none of them are true, please stay away fro Torrenza in Mazatlan, Mexico.

We made the biggest mistake of our life. John Nolan and Karem Roland are two people we wish we would have never met. We believe this contract is a fraud.

We were told that we were going to get a $3, 000 usd check a week to 2 after we came home from vacation and that would bring our balance down (talking about the purchase price). Also, if we did not use our weeks per year we would receive a $2, 000 usd check per week, which we asked them that would take care of our payment, but we could still use all the benefits like getting tickets from ticket master at 50% off for any sporting event/concert is USA.

Karem also gave us the number to call and he said it was a lady in New York, she would order the tickets and they would be mailed to us. Well the number was actually customer service for Torrenza and they knew nothing about discounts tickets. He also stated that we could stay in ANY hotel in Minnesota for 80% the price which was also a LIE.

When we returned home from the trip, it was a month and we did not receive our money. WE were told we could get a call were we could send our $3, 000 usd check and also a packet welcoming us into the Family. NOTHING WAS EVER SENT AND NO CALLS WERE EVER MADE. I´ve sent many emails asking what is going on and no response to anything.

Torrenza made many PROMISES and made the whole deal sound too good to be true, and well it was.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Victim of Torrenza

I too have been a victim of Torrenza. How sad that a few Americans and Mexicans, have gotten together to defraud humankind. That these few humans have disgraced two countries with no shame by resorting to the lowest of lows by their dishonesty and corrupt behavior. Yes, money is involved, however, it goes much further than this. Families that have decided to invest their hard earned money into something was to have benefitted all involved. Investing money into a country that by the way depends somewhat on the US dollar. The resorts, the agents, as well as the vested should all be rejoicing after the investment. But this is not the case, and, due to selfish greed, somehow Torrenza have knowingly and willfully allowed these type of transactions to continue. How sad for them to think that this is good business. Just how long before they all have to answer for what they have done, no one knows? But, I hope everyone wins their case. I personally have not done anything other than emailed this company with no success. I lost $11,000.00. Yes it's a lot of money, and shame on me for believing my fellowman. My future outlook is that I have my health and my family and I REFUSE TO LET THIS LOSS OR THESE PEOPLE GET THE BEST OF ME. I will help if I can with my situation if you need me too.

Torrenza presentation

Last week my wife and I were in Mazatlan and attended a time share presentation at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay. My wife was so impresses she decided to buy. The next day we went to a Torrenza presentation. It was much different than the low key Pueblo Bonito presentation.

After a breafast with a nice lady from Canada by way of of the Czek Republic, we were turned over to "Johnny" who was very nasty and intimidating. We told him that we had purchased a time share at Pueblo Bonito the previous day. He said that was no problem, that he would cancel the deal for us if we bought at Torrenza. He first tried to sell a $119,000 package and then fell back to a $19,000 package. His description of the deal sounded good, in fact it was too good to be true. He finally let us go when he was certain he could not sell us. By that time we were worn out and a little angry.

We were turned over to another man. A big, ugly guy who told us he merely wanted some feed back on how we were treated. However, after a few questions he proceded to give us a new sales pitch which we refused. He finaly told us to go and pick up our prized.

Our experience with Torrenza was not good and I am happy that we had no intentions of buying. I am sure that we will be much happier at Emerald Bay. Sept. 9, 2009


IVFmom; I have heard the lawyer's names Gonzales mentioned elsewhere, but know nothing about them. They seem like a popular name to pop up on the TA forums regarding timeshares in Mexico.

NOTE: just check that this law firm doesn't want any retainer to do any work, i.e. no cash up-front. We all know what that means with respect to (wrt) timeshares in Mexico....

I have just spoken to a lawyer in Mexico regarding Torrenza. Just wondering if anyone has heard of them

They seem very sure that they can get my contrat cancelled and deposit money returned, they charge approx 35% of what you get back.

If anyone has heard of them could you please reply!!



Pokey, your latest post hits it on the thread for me. I think I would rather send Torrenza a registered mail "Cancellation of Contract" letter. Then, I am only on the hook for the deposit monies. I would not have to worry about paying any further monies to Torrenza. I could pay another 6 months of monthly payments and see if anything comes from the Sierra "guarantee", but if it doesn't, then I have only the "possibility" that my credit card company can legally challenge the original contract deposit. I would also have to file seven (7) additional credit card charge disputes, due to the additional payments I would make to continue this charade to see if Sierra would sell my other timeshare. With the economy the way it is, I rather doubt it.

NOTE: 7 additional payments equals 6 to Torrenza and 1 to Sierra for Registration.

Torrenza Towers

While I understand the reluctance based on misinformation given during the sales presentations, there is an underlying theme in these threads that the Torrenza Towers will never get built. And yet I have not seen a shred of real evidience in these discussions to base this on. We get a lot of conjecture and rumors, but few facts.

Sales people have always been known to exaggerate reality - it is frustrating to have fallen for sales gimmicks, but that does not necessarily mean that you won't eventually get an ownership in a condo.

If you are stuck in a contract, it is not necessarily a given that you have lost all your money - who knows? Only time will tell. If you try to fight it after the 5 day period, you may be "throwing good money after bad"